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At Peel Funeral Home we offer a large variety of containers

and traditional caskets to help meet your needs.


Burial Caskets

We offer a large selection of burial caskets made from woods and metal.  We have many styles to choose from in a wide range of price points.  This allows you to have a tribute to your loved one that is as unique as they are.


Burial Vaults

This is a requirement in most cemeteries today.  It protects the casket and ensures proper ground maintenance.  Most families choose a burial vault to not only protect the casket, but also their loved one’s remains.



We offer a wide selection of urn styles. Our collection includes traditional urns made of wood, marble, bronze, metal or ceramic and ranging from simplicity to ornate and decorative.  Also available are keepsake urns, necklaces and biodegradable urns for scattering in earth or at sea.


Urn Vaults

Similar to burial vaults, if you plan to bury the urn, many perpetual care cemeteries require a vault in order to protect the urn and the surrounding ground maintenance.


Cremation Casket 

Choosing cremation with a traditional service or viewing only, we offer a cremation casket that is built specifically for cremation.



We offer several selections of stationary sets including register books, thank you cards, memorial folders and bookmarks.  

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