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Our services include:


  • Tradition Funeral Services

  • Graveside Services

  • Immediate Burials

  • Direct Cremation

  • Cremation with Memorial Services

  • Full Funeral Services with Cremation After

  • Transportation to other locations with or without services

  • Preparing and Shipping of Cremated Remains

  • Ship out to other funeral homes in USA or Foreign Country

  • Ship in Services from other locations

  • Pre-Arrangements

  • Pre-Planning Services

Our Services


At Peel Funeral Home we are dedicated to helping your family celebrate the memory of a loved one.  There are several options of a funeral service: traditional service, memorial service or a celebration of life.  When having a service, you and your family can honor the life of a loved one by bringing the family together to acknowledge the death and celebrate the individual and all the achievements accomplished while here on earth. 


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