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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Walton ‘Tony’ Carter Faison, Jr., age 60, of Shell Landing, Florida, finished his earthly course on June 4, 2022, while doing something he loved, farming. (2 Tim. 4:6-8)

“He was a good ole boy, but the woods is full of them,” is one of Tony’s famous quotes. He was always full of advice, great one-liners to make you think, and a laugh to keep you smiling. Tony was a good ole boy, but to his family, friends, and community, he was so much more. He was a lover of people, always calling to check on friends and neighbors making sure they were okay and had everything they needed. If he heard someone was sick or going through a hardship, he was the first to check and make sure they knew that they were not alone. His love for others was never an “I love you” from his mouth, but his love was shown. He was a firm believer that love is an action word, not just something you say. He lived that every day and instilled it in his wife and children. One of the ways Tony would show his love was giving. He spent time on his farm planting, tending and reaping harvests for many years, and there was never a season that went by that he didn’t give of his first fruits to neighbors, family, and community. He was no stranger to troubles and hard times, but he always knew where his help came from. There was never a day that went by that he was not giving glory to the One who deserves it. He never wanted the spotlight, he just wanted to be a vessel the Lord could flow through to touch someone else. In the early morning you could find him at the kitchen table with his Bible, a cup of coffee and a prayer on his lips. He never lived in the applause of the crowd, he never had a big house or fancy car, the old faithful vehicles would just get him from “a” to “b”, but he was rich in love, the real kind, that chooses to stay, chooses to reach out, chooses to pick up the least of these and speak up for the forgotten. The legacy of giving and love that he leaves behind in the hearts of his family and friends is of more value than the applause of millions or the tallest buildings. Buildings will crumble, applause will fade, but love never fails.

Tony was born January 10, 1962, in Bonifay, Florida. He was preceded in death by his father, Walton Carter ‘Doc’ Faison, and one brother, Jonathan David Faison.

Tony is survived by his wife, Shawna Faison, three children, Lonnie Carter Faison, McKenzie Rea Faison and spouse, Shaina Prevatt, and Ridge Walton Faison; two grandchildren; his canine “buddy pal”, Kami; his mother, Brenda Brock; one half-brother, Joel Faison; two half-sisters, Sheila Bourkard and Priscilla “Cissy” Faison; several nieces and nephews.

A celebration of life will be held 6:30 pm Saturday, July 9, 2022, at his home. Memorialization was by cremation.

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